Documentaries To-Be-Seen

My love for films also extend greatly beyond the fictive narrative, a well produced documentary can easily be as joyful or heart breaking as another film about falling in love. Some of my best film experiences are even documentaries, as they are spellbinding with their storytelling while also shedding light upon reality as it is and not what it could be. With that being said, my to-be-seen list of documentaries is rapidly growing, so here’s a slice of the wonders I intend to embark upon in the nearest future.

Making A Murderer: Part 2 (2018) mam2.jpg
Image source.

The first installment of this series, released on Netflix in 2015, is in my top 5 best on screen experiences, so when the announcement of the follow up series releasement reached my conscious I was obviously thrilled. The previous season had me shaken to my roots, quivering with rage and empathy, mostly at the same time. It’s a massive queue to the American system of bureaucracy and law, and how equality is still very far off in the distance. And I expect the second season to be even more complicated, nuanced, and in depth about the inner beliefs of the state of freedom.


Icarus (2017)d6e2c2367641b2ecffac303d72acf882-ikaros1.jpgImage source.

The documentary of Icarus was presented to my through a recommendation in a YouTube video, and has been on my to-see list ever since. It’s not really a matter I usually find interesting, that being both sports and its related drugs, but branching out is usually a good decision, trying to explore and understand matters other than my personal interests. And similarly to Making A Murderer, this investigates bureaucracy and its hidden massive flaws which is hugely impactful on me, so this is actually a well chosen documentary to see. The movie poster for the documentary is also clever as few and hilarious while also simultaneously being clean cut gorgeous, hats off!

For the Love of Spock
_81300586_81300585Image source

Browsing for new series and movies to see I accidentally stumbled across this documentary, an exploration and depiction of Leonard Nimoy and his portrayal of Spock. The inner geek of me was immediately drawn to the subject, so it ended up on my to-watch-list. A fun side note is that the documentary was actually mentioned on the sitcom The Big Bang Theory, in an episode where the character Sheldon Cooper is interviewed by Adam Nimoy (who directed the documentary even in real life) and the Star Trek actor Wil Wheaton (but who isn’t in the documentary). But even though Sheldon isn’t appearing in the actual documentary, Jim Parsons (the actor who plays him) is interviewed. Altogether, this documentary has so many levels of geek that watching it is inevitable.



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