New Takes on Romance

Since the quantity of films enlarges by the minute, the standard of genres and motives must update and renew themselves in order to surprise an audience and leave them in awe. This could be done in matters of complete originality, with new production methods or rule breaking. However, an interesting aspect of nuances films are those who stay within their genres but deliver a new perspective. It is not rule breaking by the standards of the motive, but how the main theme is brought to the screen not by the production but by the script.

A common theme and motive in films is romance, and while there’s a million of movies telling the same story recycled into eternity some films and series explores romance and love on completely different levels than your average rom com.

Zoe (2018)
A rising genre amongst films about love is the specific theme of modern love, including technology. This can and is often depicted in the moral that technology decreases romance and the spontaneously feeling within instant, unexpected infatuation. However, Zoe explores the genre of modern love differently by examining the matter of technology as the object of love and the romantic relationship between humans and technology. This is modern love at its peak, introducing a concept and a moral viewpoint to humans of what society can develop into and asks not only the characters in the films difficult questions but raises awareness towards the audience. Within this category the movie Her (2013) is obviously also included.

zoe.jpgImage source.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)
This is one of the earlier masterpieces of this specific sub genre of movies, which is easily described as a film about movie for people who hate romance; with a touch of science fiction without ever spending time in space. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind tells the story of two people loving each other endlessly, but also hatefully, while asking the main characters, and the audience, the question of the importance of former partners. Would you, if given the chance, erase the memory of a previous partner? It is a wonderful and new perspective on telling a love story, and most of all a life story, that really digs deep into our inner thoughts and values of our relationships with others, current or previous.

eternal-sunshine-1.jpgImage source.

The End of the F***ing World (2017)
Another series on the list, this time in the genre of, believe it or not, the classic rom com. And while this seems rather unbelievable, since the series is not easily associated with the cheesy remake of the same story in endless amounts, it’s just for this reason it is the perfect example for this topic. The End of the Fucking World is a comedy series telling the story of the young love relationship between the main characters James and Alyssa, and with a dark sense of humour and a much darker main motive it delivers a well written, gorgeously acted, and absurd story line that is unforgettable. And ultimately, a rather nuanced and definitely renewed version of a romantic comedy.

teotfw.pngImage source.



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