Dump Trump: A Guide to Resistance

In a world of absolute madness raging from right winged social politics to climate change deniers, it feels rather meaningless and hopeless to take action or even move forward. The spark inside of most people has turn into more of a glow, or even been completely blown out by the lack of intelligence and empathy in the air. This is the ultimate sign that something needs to be done, to save what could be left. Therefore, I present my, not so complete or at all comprehensive, guide in how to thrive to alter the reality of which we all share:

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BE LOUD – Be open, not only to yourself or your close ones, but to the world. Talk, write, and express yourself about matters that you believe could better society. Speak openly about experiences, even in subjects that might be considered personal. Express yourself loudly in matters of what is taboo, break the silence and lead the conversation about your experiences or what you find interesting. Gender identity, sexuality, and relationships. Mental or physical disabilities. Financial matters. Ethnicity and racism. Harassment, abuse, or being a victim of violence, in the workplace or in a close relationship. Or even just interests that are not expected of you to have, write an unnecessary blog with barely five readers a week about sharks, BDSM, taste testing different kinds of cheese, conspiracy theories, or a collection of shitty film reviews, just because you want to and can do it. Speaking up about topics that are important and emotional does matter, greatly. Silence is not golden.

ALTER THE CONVERSATIONS – Instead of talking about, often political but not limited to, matters of importance in the classic yes or no dichotomy, with a heavy dose of moral and dogmatism, speak about the same issues in another setting. For example, when in the argument of abortion focus not on the moral aspect of whether or not is should be done (because regardless of what people think of it, it will continue to exist and be proceeded), but perhaps the procedure or the financial aspect of it. Being stuck in a vortex of moral of the simplicity in agreeing or disagreeing will never lead into a well rounded, nuanced, or enlightening discussion, since tenacity is everyone’s best friend. In altering the conversations you open up the possibility for understanding the different aspects of the matter and, more than everything, intellectual discussions rather than idiocy thrown back and forth.

BE UNAPOLOGETIC – This is not to be mistaken to being blunt or arrogant, but still remaining conscious but more revolutionary in one’s action. Be a complete human being, and don’t compromise on what matters. Be the living change you wish to see and live fully, take advantage of living in a not yet converted country, if that is your case, since the political wave of for example right extremism is trying to limit how people are and live in the most personal sphere. This is not another moral dogmatism of telling people how to live, my intentions are not to force everyone into being the stereotypical social justice warrior constantly praising veganism and waving a pride flag wherever and whenever, but to inspire to realise what matters to oneself and fully embrace oneself in that. Every dominating system, such as capitalism or now especially right winged politics, lives upon people being submissive to the norm and falling victim of guilt. Or as said in certain famous feminist quotations “In a society that profits from your self doubt, liking yourself is a rebellious act”.

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE SYSTEM – Yes, this is perhaps frowned upon by the majority of people seeking change, probably because of not understanding that this is change. In a capitalist society, use the excuse of buying to better yourself. Purchase books to educate yourself, even if that is to contribute to consumerism, but choose books that will alter yourself, better yourself, pleasure the mind. Use your appearance as a weapon against norms and standards of people, by playing around with different styles and altering the perception of the binary gender system. This is a matter of recognizing reality, and the current matter of the world today. Capitalism is perhaps not morally correct, or bettering of the world, but it’s not going to change anytime soon, and the first step in altering this is not to immediately abrogate it, that would lead to disaster, but the change the nature of it. And in the desire to rebel, why not destroy the means of a system built to undermine and instead take advantage of it, turning it to a positive matters? Change starts from within, so get starting on crumbling capitalism, the patriarchy, racism, ableism, or whatever from its inner core.

READ, LISTEN, AND VIEW – The fundamental root to resistance and change is to educate oneself, both in political matters of the importance of voting and the tax system, but also in topics regarding the different aspects of society that could vary from prostitution and sex work to literature in the ancient greek history; it really all does matter. So stock up on a great variety of books, films, podcasts, series, documentaries, go to lectures, spend time in the library, talk to people, and try to understand every aspect of mostly everything that you stumble across. Try new things, as much as you can. Care about the world and its intricate details, both for your own delight, but also for resisting and making a change in the world.



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